Regulatory Affairs Manager

Your Tasks and Responsibilities

1. [License to Operate] Take a full responsibility to ensure stewardship and compliance of whole Products life cycle for business sustainability that aligned with country market / business strategy. 

2. [ES product registration/renewal] Manage whole ES registration for 5 business segments (PPM, VC, T&O, Forestry, IVM) - leading entire registration processes including Biocidal substance corresponding products, building up dossiers in collaboration with global and regional RA. Contact to registration bodies and its sub-organizations for Registration & other related matters to ensure full compliance of local law & regulation and monitor related regulatory guidelines.(For Green registration, ES RA manager proceeds the products registration in Agrochemicals from working coordination with CP RA colleagues.)

3. [Sustainability of ES product portfolio] Support ES portfolio development decisions by estimating regulatory outcomes for ES own assets and those of competitors, giving orientation on priorities to focus on long term solutions

4. [Ensuring Future Fitness] Proactively anticipate and influence changes to regulatory environment and regulatory strategies. This includes advocating for more science-based and sound regulatory policy and share in raising societal awareness

5. [Quality Management] Handle to fulfill the local requirements for ES portfolio and ensure to align with product stewardship. (Shelf life management, Import support, Stock inspection to comply with Bayer and local regulation. Support ES product label indication to comply with Bayer and local regulations.

6. [Stakeholder Engagement] Engage external stakeholders such as regulatory authorities(MoE, RDA), leading universities, research center & associations(ECCK, KPCA) and internal stakeholders such as PS, HSE, regional and global RA, CP, global expert functions, marketing and market development to gather intelligence from external parties in order to provide insights to new projects and registration strategy.


Qualifications / Requirement 

- Ability to analyze technical data and understand fully the requirements of the regulatory authorities in Korea

- Extensive knowledge on Act on Registration, Evaluation, etc. of Chemicals

- Effective interpersonal skills for interfacing with other Bayer, university, regulatory department, association and customer personnel.

- Prefer Experience on Registration of Chemical at least 5 years.

- Prefer Excellent English skill.


 “신체적 조건과 출신 지역, 혼인여부, 재산, 구직자 직계존비속 및 형제자매의 학력, 직원, 재산과 관련된 정보는 지원서류에 포함하지 마십시오. 단, 바이엘코리아에 재직 중인 가족이 있을 경우, 회사가 공정한 채용을 위한 조치를 취할 수 있도록 입사지원서를 통해 사전에 고지해 주시기 바랍니다.”