Country S&OP Manager (SCM) Korea (2 years contract)  

Your Tasks and Responsibilities

?Overseeing and following the monthly S&OP cycle; execute the S&OP process according to the agreed timeline.
?Leading the monthly local S&OP meetings with Marketing, RA, FBP and others.
?Managing the up-to-date sales forecast and maintaining in P2A so that the forecast is reflecting the latest sales trend.
?Tracking out the product replenishment schedule so that the proper stock level is maintained without the stock-outs.
?Making on-time communication with the global/region counter parts in supply centers in case of unusual sales trend like sharp sales increase or decrease / abnormal sales forecast increase or decrease so that the product replenishment can be adjusted accordingly
?Providing the local product distribution plan after the communication with commercial team, Quality, customs clearance and warehouse.
?Preparing for the new product launch with the master data set-up in P2R & P2A and entering the forecast in P2A. Aligning the product delivery and distribution according to the business requirement.
?Reviewing, managing and reporting KPIs like forecast accuracy, DOS, stock-outs.
?Having the communication with the range of departments like RA, FBP, Accounting, CQ,LPC for the various issues like product distributions, stock-outs, quality problems, product expiries, sample productions, contracts.  


Qualifications / Requirement 

 ?Bachelor degree in Business Administration or industrial Engineering is preferred.

?1~2 years experience at least in pharmaceutical industry and should be professionally supply chain management trained and pharmaceutical products.
?Specialized knowledge of SAP & Microsoft office program.
?knowledge of Sales & Operations Planning, forecasting.
?understanding of commercial operations in the pharmaceutical industry.
?Interpersonal relations skills that promote collaboration and transparency across the organization.
?analytical skills.
?The ability to express business topics effectively in English with the written and verbal formats. 
?The ability to give clear guidelines and persuasive explanation for product supply and requirements to marketing & supply centers regarding sudden demand change and sudden delivery plan change.


 “신체적 조건과 출신 지역, 혼인여부, 재산, 구직자 직계존비속 및 형제자매의 학력, 직원, 재산과 관련된 정보는 지원서류에 포함하지 마십시오. 단, 바이엘코리아에 재직 중인 가족이 있을 경우, 회사가 공정한 채용을 위한 조치를 취할 수 있도록 입사지원서를 통해 사전에 고지해 주시기 바랍니다.”