CH E-Commerce Specialist (1 Year contract)


[Job Description]


- Develop EC multi-channel strategies with channel-fit and customized solution

- EC promotion planning/ Execution/Monitoring

- Work with internal team, and EC retailers, and external partners(vendors) to drive revenue in EC channels

- Develop annual promotion calendar and execute online advertisement to drive traffic

- Manage e-Business budget to ensure the best ROI

- Manage regular data analysis, reporting, and optimization of store performance with key levers and opportunities for improvements

- Responding to e-commerce site issues and updates and in a timely manner

- Stay current with industry trends and best practices

- Capture rising market and shopper trends to find growth drive

- This position is replacement for maternity leave



[Qualifications / Requirement]


- Bachelor’s degrees or equivalent in a relevant business-related field

- At least 1 years’ of eCommerce experience of e-Platform management or supporting / digital marketing

- Rich experience in supporting & analyzing of eCommerce sales transaction data

- Strong analytical and problem-solving skills

- Strong problem solving, priority setting, collaboration and communication skills.

- Proactive and positive attitude

- MS Office skills (Excel, Word, PPT) proficiency





근무 형태: 정규직

근무 요일/시간 5(~)

근무 지역서울 영등포구 여의도동

급여회사내규에 따름



전화: 02 - 829 - 6511

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