CRM/Data Specialist (15Months)


[Job Description]


1. The technical Subject Matter Expert on all Veeva Platform modules and functionalities

- Acts as the Go-To-Expert for Bayer enabled modules and functionalities (e.g. Veeva CRM, Veeva Align, Consent Capture & Management, DMAC) and is able to train relevant stakeholders (e.g. Sales, Marketing, Medical).

- Monitors the usage and Is responsible for the continuous upskilling of relevant stakeholders regarding functionality, optimal usage including correct use of functionalities, release changes and best-practice processes.

- Responsible for testing new features / functionality enhancements in every monthly Global release

- Supports uploading or creation of Customer Surveys into the Veeva CRM environment and prepares & converts raw data into a format needed by relevant stakeholders for further analysis...

- Shares any success of approaches, makes suggestions on process and functionality improvements to the APAC IMCM/ Data Steward Community.

- Aligns on Veeva configuration aspects with APAC Customer Engagement Excellence and IMCM teams.


2. The expert on Multi Channel Cycle Plan (MCCP) execution

- Informs, trains and aligns with all stakeholders on optimal MCCP preparation, uploading, execution, monitoring and deviation management.

- Monitors the MCCP attainment rates by individuals, teams


3. Drives expert reporting solutions and sets APAC Performance Standard expectation

-Informs, trains and aligns on APAC aligned Key Performance Indicators, definitions, algorithms/formulas  and minimum standards with all stakeholders

- go-to person for ad-hoc report creation where globally available solutions do not suffice.


4. Assures Quality of People, Customer and Product Data (Medical & Commercial)

- Dominates at expert level all relevant and available Bayer data, reporting standards, governance processes and dependencies.


5. Complies with local regulations, industry and Bayer’s code of conduct at all times.


[Qualifications / Requirement]


- University / Bachelor degree

- Pharmaceutical CRM/Data experience preferred

- Prior Veeva Administrator and/or Veeva Align Certifications a significant advantage

- Experiences on reporting solutions (e.g Tableau report) preferred

- Advanced Excel skill

- Ability to communicate in English (oral and written)

- Strong interpersonal / relationship building skills




근무 형태: 계약직

근무 요일/시간 5(~)

근무 지역서울 영등포구 여의도동

급여회사내규에 따름



전화: 02 - 829 - 6511

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